Who we are

KONIKER S.COOP. is a non-profit Scientific-Technological Agent, declared of public interest, specialised in research and development of new technologies related to machinery and industrial manufacturing processes.

Since its foundation in 2002 and faithful to its mission, its aim has been to respond in a coordinated manner to the requirements for innovation and transformation in industrial manufacturing through collaborations with companies, technology centres and universities.

KONIKER is a cooperative of the MONDRAGON corporation dedicated to research, development and innovation in the field of forming and assembly, accredited as a Business R&D Unit by the Basque Government, integrated into the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.

Economic data:

  • Close to €2 million in turnover, of which more than 93% corresponds to on-demand projects from industrial companies.
  • Participation in more than 20 national and international R&D projects, working closely with companies and leading centres in the automotive, steelmaking, household appliance, energy and health sectors.
  • More than 25 researchers specialised in advanced manufacturing.


  • Cooperation, participation and social responsibility, the result of our organisational and corporate model.
  • Work and collaboration in multidisciplinary team with industrial companies, technology centres and universities
  • Applied creativity: the search for innovative solutions that provide value and competitive advantages.
  • Efficiency: maximum use of resources, collaboration with other entities, synergies…

KONIKER works with its own innovation model (K-LINK) which, based on the qualifications of individuals, its network of relationships and permanent technological monitoring of the market (competitive intelligence), allows our customers to launch new products and services within their technology plans or innovation strategies.

The application of this model results in the production of knowledge, new projects and patents, publications, associated training and, ultimately, new business areas and diversification for our customers.