Folding, Cutting and Punching

In everyday life, there are a large number of objects made of steel and aluminium, from small items such as household appliances, kitchen utensils and lighting, to large pieces that make up parts of cars, planes, ships, equipment, etc. To obtain these pieces starting from raw material, apart from the processes of transformation by stamping and profiling, other key manufacturing processes are also necessary to obtain complex geometries, such as folding, punching and cutting, both mechanical and fibre laser.

KONIKER is a specialist in the study and research of these processes and its multidisciplinary team helps our customers solve manufacturing problems and challenges through the use of simulation tools, advanced data analysis technologies, sensor systems and new control systems.

In addition, KONIKER researches and develops new production systems and processes necessary for the processing of new materials and coatings that are being developed in the different customer sectors for lightening or obtaining new functionalities in the final product.