Calculation, Simulation and Monitoring of machines

The validation of machines, tools and manufacturing processes using numerical simulations is a basic process to avoid problems and cost overruns in the industrialisation phase. Simulation tools are also a good way to diagnose the origin of problems that installations may be suffering. Specific strategies and programs are used depending on the variables to be simulated.

KONIKER is a specialist in the calculation and simulation of machines and processes related to deformation and cutting processes, and its multidisciplinary team helps our customers solve manufacturing problems and challenges through the use of simulation tools, advanced data analysis technologies, sensor systems and the development of new strategies for control systems.

In addition, to validate the calculations carried out, technical specialists from KONIKER provide value through key complementary tasks for compliance with the starting specifications and the validity of the simulation models:

  • Sensor systems belonging to the installation with which to collect variables and parameters necessary to study the equipment or industrial process: temperatures, position, torque, roughness, vibrations, deformations, etc.
  • The taking of experimental measurements and their correlation with the results obtained in the virtual model
  • Proposals to improve machine designs and process control to improve final behaviour