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Fagor Arrasate

FAGOR ARRASATE is a founding member of the MONDRAGON Corporation and became operational in 1957. Currently, it has more than 800 people, of which more than half are assigned to engineering and R&D tasks. It is specialised in the areas of engineering, development and commissioning of complete systems for the shaping of metallic materials in almost any of its forms.

Among its customer sectors, prominent are 3 industries which are basic for the world economy and the Basque Country in particular:

  • Automotive, both chassis and BIW.
  • Household appliances, mainly white goods.
  • Steelmaking, both steel and aluminium

FAGOR ARRASATE is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of turnkey projects for the forming and cutting of metallic and non-metallic materials. Among its broad portfolio of products, the following can be highlighted:

  • Stamping systems and mechanical, hydraulic and servo presses.
  • Cutting lines and coil and format processing systems
  • Special systems for the manufacture of complex sheet metal pieces based on cutting, punching, folding and joining processes.
  • Profiling systems
  • Dies
Logo Mondragón Assembly

Mondragon Assembly

Mondragon Assembly is an international group with more than 40 years of experience specialised in the development of automation and assembly solutions. It provides automatic and/or semi-automatic solutions for various sectors such as solar energy, automotive, household appliances, electricity, cosmetics, and medical devices and appliances.

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Fundación Mondragon

CORPORACIÓN MONDRAGON is the fruit of the cooperative movement initiated in 1956, the year in which the first industrial cooperative was created in the Guipuzcoan town of the same name. Its company philosophy is reflected in its Corporate Values: Cooperation, Participation, Social Responsibility and Innovation.

CORPORACIÓN MONDRAGON's Mission brings together the basic objectives of a business organisation which competes in international markets, with the use of democratic methods in its corporate organisation, job creation, the human and professional development of its workers and a commitment to development in its social environment.

Organisationally, CORPORACIÓN MONDRAGON has four areas: Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge.

Today, CORPORACIÓN MONDRAGON comprises more than 100 autonomous and independent cooperatives and constitutes the first Basque business group and the tenth in Spain.