Monitoring and Intelligence

Knowing the competitive environment and your positioning in your sector’s value chain is vitally important for carrying out your business strategy, your lines of research and technological development, as well as for the fine-tuning and execution of any proposed actions.

Our technological monitoring and competitive intelligence service, which is specialised in our research areas and key sectors, will allow you to identify and monitor those critical factors that directly affect your company. Changes in the environment in which you market your products determine the success or failure of an innovation initiative.

Identifying market, technological and consumer trends in the value chain of materials, products, processes, etc., as well as their customer sectors well in advance, allows for the identification of opportunities at an early stage enabling the activation of initiatives which are technological and non-technological that promote competitive improvement.

These capabilities are supported in an information repository called INFOKON through which we contribute value through:

  • Market keys through strategic information
  • A multidisciplinary team at the forefront of R&D&i
  • Identification of market and technological trends
  • Analysis of your competitive environment
  • Technological Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence management system certified under new standard 166006: 2018, being the first company nationwide to do so.